Monday, January 4, 2010

Children's Books

Disney - Winnie The Pooh's Thinking Spot Series.

Each story in this book incorporates simple scientific facts while examining how young children learn through listening, questioning, observing, comparing, and experimenting.
And every story ends with a hands-on activity for parents and children to do together.
A great educational and fun book for children.

Personal review: These books are a great way to explain to young children the way things are (e.g: about gravity)... the explanation is done through stories with cute characters such as Pooh & Tiger. That way, it is more easier for kids to understand & interesting for them. Also, there is a suggestion on some activities that we can do with our kids on the last page. A good collection to build up your own library at home. Happy Reading!!!

Size : about 20cm x 20cm

Material : Hard cover & glossy pages

Other info: Brand new books

Price (not including postage):
RM6 for one book
(RM30 only per set... all 6 books)

Book #1

How Do You Hop So High?

Book #2
What Is That Rumbly In My Tummy?

Book #3
Why Don't Things Fall Up

Book #4
Why Does It Have To Rain?
Book #5
Does It Float

Book #6
Is My Shirt Getting Smaller

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