Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why cloth pads?

Why wanna use cloth pads??
4 simple reason...

1) About the same reason why you want to put cloth diapers on your little ones :)

2) Health reason: Reduce exposure of our intimate parts to hazardous chemicals (dioxin, formalhydes, bleaches)

3) Environment: Reduce garbage being put out to our mother nature

4) Fun: Coz it comes with multi colours and prints...

So, try it. And you'll love it.

Cloth pads

MamaPatch cloth pads
1- Panty Liner - RM9

2) Regular pad (plain) - RM16

3) Regular pad (plaid) - RM17

4) Regular pad (flower) - RM17

5) Maxi pad - RM22

6) Super Maxi pad - RM24

Saffa cloth pad

A, B, C - Panty liner (RM12)
D, E, F - Regular pad (RM17)

Purchase any 5 pcs (mix type/brands) - received 5% discount
Purchase any 10pcs (mix type/brands) - received 10% discount