Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why cloth pads?

Why wanna use cloth pads??
4 simple reason...

1) About the same reason why you want to put cloth diapers on your little ones :)

2) Health reason: Reduce exposure of our intimate parts to hazardous chemicals (dioxin, formalhydes, bleaches)

3) Environment: Reduce garbage being put out to our mother nature

4) Fun: Coz it comes with multi colours and prints...

So, try it. And you'll love it.

Cloth pads

MamaPatch cloth pads
1- Panty Liner - RM9

2) Regular pad (plain) - RM16

3) Regular pad (plaid) - RM17

4) Regular pad (flower) - RM17

5) Maxi pad - RM22

6) Super Maxi pad - RM24

Saffa cloth pad

A, B, C - Panty liner (RM12)
D, E, F - Regular pad (RM17)

Purchase any 5 pcs (mix type/brands) - received 5% discount
Purchase any 10pcs (mix type/brands) - received 10% discount

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Babyland cloth diapers

Due to popular demand... Babyland cloth diapers in now available in ZiziToTs store


Outside layer - Waterpoof PUL Fabric

Inner layer - Microfleece

Insert - 3 layered Microfiber Cloth with high absorbency

One size fit all: Adjustable with snap buttons. S.M.L all in one size. Can be used from newborn until potty training age (as a training pants)

1 cloth diapers comes with 2 insert
Price :
1pc RM29 only
3pcs RM 84
5pcs RM 135
Available prints:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coolababy 2010

CoolaBaby cloth diapers
New affordable price for 2010

1 - 2 pcs (RM30/pc)

3pcs (package price RM88)

5pcs (package price RM145)

6-10pcs (RM28/pc)
11-20pcs (RM25/pc)

Product features :
- Unique desigh of 3 snaps at a row, adjustable size
for baby weight from 3kg to 13kg
- comes with 2 extra soft inner microfiber inserts
- outer waterproof PUL laminated to prevent leakage
-inner layered with microfleece
-pack with hand carry PVC bag/wet bag (for purchase of every 2 units)

Available colours (snap button or velcro):

Introducing 3 new colours (available in snap button or velcro)

If you prefer the velcro type .... colours same as snap button

Or the flock type....

MIcrofiber insert : RM8/pc
General sizing guideline for CoolaBaby diapers... however it depends mostly on your baby's body structure (especially on waist & thigh area)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Children's Books

Disney - Winnie The Pooh's Thinking Spot Series.

Each story in this book incorporates simple scientific facts while examining how young children learn through listening, questioning, observing, comparing, and experimenting.
And every story ends with a hands-on activity for parents and children to do together.
A great educational and fun book for children.

Personal review: These books are a great way to explain to young children the way things are (e.g: about gravity)... the explanation is done through stories with cute characters such as Pooh & Tiger. That way, it is more easier for kids to understand & interesting for them. Also, there is a suggestion on some activities that we can do with our kids on the last page. A good collection to build up your own library at home. Happy Reading!!!

Size : about 20cm x 20cm

Material : Hard cover & glossy pages

Other info: Brand new books

Price (not including postage):
RM6 for one book
(RM30 only per set... all 6 books)

Book #1

How Do You Hop So High?

Book #2
What Is That Rumbly In My Tummy?

Book #3
Why Don't Things Fall Up

Book #4
Why Does It Have To Rain?
Book #5
Does It Float

Book #6
Is My Shirt Getting Smaller

Sunday, January 3, 2010

cloth diaper pricing for 2010

Pricing valid from 4th Jan 2010
All pricing are in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)

Please click on the picture for a better view

If you would like to purchase mix brands... contact me for further details...

Details on colours and prints available on previous entries..

Have a great 2010 ahead.. and may this year be a better year for everyone!!!