Monday, May 31, 2010

Let's do Baby Signs

Baby Signs Malaysia... Helping Babies "Talk" Before They Can Talk!The World's Leading Sign Language Program for Babies!

Babies have a lot to say....even before they can actually speak. With the Original Baby Signs® Program, babies and toddlers can communicate what they see, what they need and even how they feel by using simple easy-to-do signs for words like "Eat", "Milk" and "More". Research has shown that the Baby Signs® Program decreases frustration, help babies talk sooner, enriches parent-child relationships, and boosts' babies intellectual development.

So stop wondering what your baby is thinking and start working towards opening the doors of communication - start signing with your baby today!
Baby Signs Malaysia offers a variety of products to fit your needs and offer the support and guidance you need to successfully communicate with your baby.

Baby Signs Parent Kit
Price: RM180

The Baby Signs® Parent Kit is an all-in-one package that has everything needed to start using the Baby Signs® Program:

1) The Baby Signs® Parent Guide is a fun, travel-guide-themed introduction to the Baby Signs® Program with clear step-by-step instructions for how to get started, a “road map” for a baby’s journey from first signs to first words, an illustrated glossary of the 100 most useful signs for babies, a Special Topics section with in-depth articles about the positive impact the Baby Signs® Program has on social, emotional, cognitive and language development of babies, and a Signing At Home section with whimsical songs, familiar nursery rhymes and delightful images for signing fun at home. Hardback book with spiral binding, 8.5 x 11 inches.

2) Welcome to the Baby Signs® Program DVD features an introduction by the founders, stories about signing babies, and the Baby Signs® Video Dictionary with real-life demonstrations of the 100 signs included in the Parent Guide Glossary. All signs may be viewed from A-to-Z or an individual sign may be selected for instant review.

3) My Baby Signs® Sampler DVD is a captivating and engaging introduction to the My Baby Signs® DVD series created especially for babies ages 6-36 months and teaches 2 favorite signs: BATH from My Bath Time Signs DVD and DRINK from My Mealtime Signs DVD.

4) Signs at a Glance Flipper is a unique flip-card reference that features 86 signs from the Parent Guide Glossary. Flipper backing is magnetized for easy display on a refrigerator or other metal surface, 3.75 x 7.5 inches.

5) My Baby Signs® Bookmarks highlight simple signs you can use with these well-loved books for babies: Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Five Little Monkeys, Corduroy’s Party and Babies.Signing makes shared reading experiences more fun and meaningful for babies. 6 bookmarks, 9 signs each.

Sign, Say & Play Started Kit
Price: RM275

The Sign, Say & Play® Starter Kit was created especially for infants and toddlers and includes the following Baby Signs® products:

1) My First Fun Signs DVD Features BeeBo the Baby Signs Bear, the DiaperDoodle babies and a variety of real-life signers who teach the signs for Eat, Bath, Sleep, Flower, Hat and Dog. (Total run time: 25:38)

2) Higgeldy-Piggeldy, Bobbledy-Boop! Music CDA delightful collection of 16 songs set to familiar tunes. Music and signs combine to create enriching sensory learning experiences for babies.

Your baby will love this classic book with beautiful photos of signing babies, the unique "peek-through" cover and the point-and-sign review page at the end. Features signs for: Mommy, Love, Daddy, Ball, Baby, Hat, Phone, Hot, Outside and Flower. 5.5 x 6.75 inches
This classic features 10 signs: Eat, Drink, More, Milk, Cereal, Cheese, Cracker, Please, Thank You and All Done. 5.5 x 6.75 inches.

This beautifully illustrated 83-page journal provides you a distinctive way to document your baby's unique signing journey from first signs to first words with lots of room for memorable signing stories, favorite photos and other special occasions.(Hard cover, spiral binding, 83 pages)

Features real-life demonstrations of 150 American Sign Language signs chosen under the direction of the Columbia College American Sign Language Department in Chicago and 35 baby-friendly signs selected by Dr. Acredolo and Dr. Goodwyn, creators of the Baby Signs Program.

A handy laminated tri-fold card with 67 illustrated signs grouped by category: Mealtime, Bedtime, Bath Time, Pets, Park, Getting Dressed, Feelings, Outside, Farm, Safety, Zoo and Birthday. Also includes Ten Steps to Baby Signs Success. (8 x 16 inches)
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