Sunday, February 28, 2010

Itti Bitti D'Lish value packs!!!

Updated stocks availability... 1st April 2010

Bitti D'Lish Six Pack All In Ones ... RM486
(consists of 6pcs of AIO)

Bitti D'Lish Six Pack Half/Half Snap In Ones & All In Ones .. RM498
(consists of 3pcs AIO + 3pcs SIO)

Bitti D'Lish Six Pack Snap In Ones ... RM510
(consists of 6pcs SIO)

Bitti D'Lish Twelve Pack + 1 Free All In Ones ... RM972
(consists of 13pcs AIO)

Bitti D'Lish Twelve Pack + 1 Free Half/Half Snap In Ones & All In Ones ... RM996
(consists of 6pcs AIO + 6pcs SIO + 1pc AIO or SIO)

Bitti D'Lish Twelve Pack + 1 Free Snap In Ones ... RM1,020
(consists of 13pcs SIO)

NOTE: Standard delivery charges applicable for all value packs items.

Booster & mini-booster

Microfiber mini booster RM10

Bamboo mini booster RM12

Booster set (size S, M, L) RM37

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Knickernappies in da house!!!

Knickernappies One Size pocket diapers

The Knickernappies OneSize Diaper is the first of its kind: a side-snapping, onesize diaper that comes with TWO inserts made in the USA! (Yes, even our inserts are USA-made!)

Knickernappies OneSize Diapers have some great features:

  • Four size adjustments to fit your baby best -- Small, Medium Short, Medium, and Large
  • Tested to fit babies from about 8 lbs to 40 lbs
  • Two inserts with every diaper, sizes small & large, and our inserts are Made in the USA!
  • A scooped tummy panel & topstitching for best fit under chubby baby bellies
  • Elastic on both sides of the pocket opening to hold the insert in place
  • Very gentle Lastin elastic in the leg and waist - no red marks!
  • Lastin elastic is long lasting and can't "go out" like regular elastic

Knickernappies One size has two (2) types of inserts.
Type 1: microfiber
Type 2: Loopy Doo (pictured below)

Which insert should I choose?
Microfiber inserts are absorbant and economical. Use one for daytime or two for nights and naps. 3 layers of microfiber.
LoopyDo inserts are the #1 insert on Diaper Pin. Combining both hemp and microfiber makes them both absorbant and trim. Sewn in a loop so they dry fast, prewashed so they're ready for use after just one wash.

What makes Knickernappies OneSize diapers the best choice?
Side snaps make the diaper smooth and non-bulky in the tummy area.
Easier to pull pants over side-snapping diapers.
Harder for babies to undo by themselves.
For potty training, they can be pulled up and down like underwear without undoing the snaps.
Snaps are long-lasting and easy to care for.

Price :
Diaper with 2 LoopyDos : RM95

Diaper with 2 Microfiber : RM82

Available colours :








Baby blue

Loopy Doo insert

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Itti Bitti cloth diapers

Itti Bitti is now available in ZiziToTs... hurray!!!

About Bitti D'Lish

Bitti D'Lish, gives you two great All In One options, so you can choose the nappy that best suits your lifestyle and needs.
Both types of nappy have the signature itti bitti ultra trim fit, with a luxurious minkee outer and suedecloth liner to keep baby dry and happy.
Divinely comfortable with the performance of a disposable, bitti d'lish will change the way you think about cloth nappies!

Bitti D'Lish Snap In One (also known as AI2)... or SIO
*Because the nappy comes apart, you can re-use the outer 'shell' like a cover, replacing wet booster sets with dry ones, perfect for travelling or space saving in the nappy bag - makes it a very economical option as well
*Quick drying
*Needs to be taken apart and put back together for washing and drying
*8 Layers of bamboo for a highly absorbent nappy, suitable even for heavy wetters, you can expect the nappy to last 3-4 hours or more.
*Only natural fibres in the soaker pads

Bitti D'Lish All in One (sewn in)... or AIO
*Ultimate in convenience, with the one piece design
*Very easy to use - no extra pieces to fold, stuff or snap in
*Longer drying time, but still quick for an AIO
*Very absorbent - expect 3 hours or more, but will need a mini booster for heavy wetters
*Dad and Carer friendly
*Combination of natural and man made fibres in the soaker pads

Snap in AIO Features


lined with soft microfleece or suedecloth to wick moisture away and keep bubs bum dry

hemp or bamboo soaker pads provide absorbency through the wetzone (where it is needed!)

slim crotch and high cut front for comfort and freedom of movement

easily un-snaps apart for quick drying

colour coded booster snaps for easy assembly

all snaps are hidden for baby's comfort, nothing but soft microfleece or suedecloth against the skin

Sizing guidelines:

Small will fit from approx 3.5kg-7.5kg
Medium will fit from approx 6.5-12 kg
Large will fit from approx 10kg-17kg

Available colours (click on the picture for a better view)

Price :
Snap In One (SIO) - RM92
All In One (AIO) - RM82
Extra Booster set (according to size S, M or L) - RM37