Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Heinys cloth diapers

Available in ZiziToTs store

Why Should you use Happy Heiny™'s cloth diapers?
Custom milled fleece for our diapers.
For Happy Heiny's sized pocket diapers, there are no leg casings, which make better fitting diapers and contain messes better leaving NO red marks.
For Happy Heiny's sized pocket diapers, should the fleece roll out? YES do NOT try to roll the fleece in. This will cause wicking if you try this. They are made to have the fleece roll out so the only thing that touches your child delicate skin is the soft fleece.
Daddy approved Aplix brand Velcro tabs!
Made with Aplix brand hook and loop closures which fit a wide range of babies and make for very fast diaper changes on wiggly babies.
Soft buttery fleece on the inside next to baby skin that drys so quickly as urine is wicked away to the inside soaker.
A layer of PUL on the inside to waterproof the diaper so no extra diaper cover is required.
A Great benefit to Happy Heinys ™ is that you decide what to stuff them with and how much, according to the needs of your baby.
Happy Heinys ™ are currently available in a variety of solid colors and fun prints.

The prints are unique and designed by our company for use only on our products. Our prints for the one size diapers are made out of the same high quality fabrics that our solids are made out of. These fabrics have been tested to last up to 12 hours at night for most babies.
Our one size diapers also come with 2 micro fiber inserts. One small and one large insert. You may use either 1 insert or both or more as needed depending on how heavy your little one wets. Our hemp stuffins also fit well into the one size diapers.

Plain (snap & applix)
RM82 only

Royal Blue



Baby Blue

Lime Green

Funky adorable prints (snap & applix)
RM85 only


Bright Flowers

Cow Hide

Peace Bears